My name is Gwen

Below you will find, a couple of words about me

Hello! I’m Gwen Wolken and I’m so happy you are here! I started blogging as a way to share my recipes with my family and friends. Sharing recipes, connecting with you, and making friends along the way is a lot of fun!

I love recipes that create a flavor for the palate, and are healthy, simple, and easy to make. You will find that many of the recipes I share are gluten-free as it is the lifestyle that our family follows.

From early childhood, my mother taught me that cooking was love. She was a good cook, however, I always found that I took her recipes and tweaked them to bring more flavor to the palate. She had a love for Mediterranean cooking and an arsenal of Jewish recipes. I will bring these flavors and recipes to you often.

The ingredients I use will be those that are easily found in your grocery store or can be bought online with a quick click!

I am a die-hard chocoholic. When I need a break from healthy I am always grabbing some seriously dark chocolate. I will share my chocolate recipes and other desserts with you as well.

Being a foodie, I am on the lookout for interesting and unusual ingredients. I promise to share these with you especially when my husband and I travel. We love to travel!

I live in the Chicago area where I am lucky enough to have many interesting and creative restaurants to try. I am a Mom to three adult boys. All of our boys enjoy cooking when they have time and I have found that they are also very creative in the kitchen. In fact, this morning one of them shared a picture with me of scrambled eggs topped with pesto!

When I am not cooking, I sing Baritone in a Sweet Adelines Chorus, play with our dogs, work out grudgingly, always have a needlepoint project handy, read, play pickleball, and volunteer often. I hope you enjoy the blog and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!