Simple Nutella Pie Recipe With A Gluten-Free Option

This Simple Nutella Pie Recipe With A No Bake Gluten-Free Option is a show-stopping dessert! Though it looks impressive, the chocolate tart is quite simple to whip up.


Nutella Heavy Whipping Cream Butter Flour Salt Water Hazelnuts

Step By Step Instructions:

Follow our easy instructions for success!


Make the crust by combining the flour, butter, salt, and water.

Roll out the dough and then place it in the tart pan. Par-bake the crust using pie weights.


Make the filling by combining the Nutella, butter, and whipping cream. Heat on the stove until it's combined and then cool slightly.


Cool in the refrigerator for 4 hours. Top with homemade whip cream and toasted hazelnuts.


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